Elvira, design, pot, vaas, textuur, glazuur

ELVIRA is the brand of the creative mind of Elvira De Pelsmacker, daughter of Hans De Pelsmacker and Anne Perneel.

She combines the two worlds of her parents in her work; sculpture and ceramics. Not only does she get her inspiration from growing up in an artistic family but also from the monumentality in nature.

Since her graduation in 2018, Elvira has been making a series of monumental vase -and wall sculptures with a strong focus on textures and the glazing process. Elvira strives for an organically evident design as it occurs in the logic of nature. The treatment of the skin is essential here: by manually kneading and spreading the silty clay a tactile and expressive skin of amorphous structures and motifs is created. The work arises through directness but is the result of a thoughtful process in which Elvira allows unexpected coincidences to participate in the work.
“I get my inspiration from the monumentality of nature and try to convert it into a work of art. Nature itself is already a perfection so one shouldn’t try to imitate it. But its important to see nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration: for the structure, choice of glazes and finishing touch (skin) I focus on the colours and shapes of nature.
From “Monumentality” (2018 thesis, Elvira De Pelsmacker LUCA School of Arts)

You can find her shop and studio in Bruges,  Genthof 29. While you shop you can see her create the works in the back.